The political victory of the Palestine people

• 26 Azar (December 17), The celebration of the Pishmarg day • An undeniable document from to be terrorist of the Khomeini's Regime • The anniversary of the United Declaration of Human Rights • The war between Iran and Iraq, and its influence on the Kurdish national movement. • Abroad activities • A glance to 21 Azar (December 12) • The massacre of the political prisoners in Iran • Some important news of Iran and the world • The regime's crimes continue in Kurdistan Kurdistan Publication No 144 ... Read more

Kurdistan martyrs' day

• Urgent a serious action of the international societies • The regime and the Kurdistan martyrs • Unity of independency and Democracy • The press release of the political – military commission of the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan • Activities outside of the country Kurdistan Publication No 136 ... Read more

The announcement of the central committee of the Democrat party in occasion of closing of the 8th Congress

A speech from radio voice of Kurdistan: Some notes on occasion of 6 Bahman (January 26) Kurdistan News Bulletin No 197 ... Read more

Kurdish Publication: The overthrow of Khomeini's regime

•The events in Uraman •The political office announcement in occasion of martyring of 13 Pishmarg in north of Kurdistan •The Central Committee announcement in occasion of 2nd Bahman (January 22) •Revolution deepening •Farewell to “Jegarkhoun” (a Kurdish revolutionary poet) Kurdistan Publication No 102 ... Read more

Volume 100 of Kurdistan Publication

•Flam of the regime •The sample society •Kurdistan in the first look (a letter from a none Kurdish citizen) •The way of the displaced Mullah is the way of the miserable Kurd •In occasion of the death of Ilmazgouni Kurdistan Publication No 100 ... Read more

The regime and the Kurdistan war - Kurdistan Publication No 97

the reality and the dream - the regime of Iran's boasting and bragging - the Kurdish Democrat Party's message to the Gulf conference - the commemoration of the martyrdom of the Baian forces and their commander - the ideal society imagined by the Velayat-e Faqih - the true democratic way - two familiar strangers ... Read more

Toward to the Seventh Congress

• The importance of the negative battle in Kurdistan • Interview with the Kurdistan Leader, Ghasemloo • Condolence Message of Democrat Party to the Iranian Writers Association ... Read more

7 Pasdars and Kurdish Muslim Pishmergs Were Martyred

- 7 Pasdars and Kurdish Muslim Pishmergs Were Martyred - President: We Will Not Allow New Armed Groups to Form - Glorious Festivities for 15th of Shaban in the Cities - By Order of the Islamic Revolutionary Courts: 26 Corruptors on Earth Were Executed - Kerman's City Council Members Resigned - Flood in Miyanih and Piranshahr - Providing Security Is Up to the Gendarmerie - 2 Men Were Lashed In Ahvaz for Charging too Much - Appointing the Representative of Ayatollah Khalkhali in Khorasan and Sistan and Baluchestan - Executive Director and Members of the Board of Bank of Semnan Provice Were Appointed - Due to Roll Over of a Jeep, 9 People Were Killed and Injured - Anti Revolutionaries Aim to Destroy the Crops

Iran't Ethnic Factions Threaten to Split the States

Iran's Ethnic Factions Threaten to Split the State: The Multiethnic Fabric of Iran Starts to lJnra . ... Read more

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