Iranian Hostage Situation/ Kurds Seek Political Solution/ Shah diverted government money for personal use/ UN Security Council decision new basis for action/ Iraq ultimatum given to Tehran

1979 articles on: the Americans held hostage in Iran a Marxist-Leninist spiritual leader endorsing a political solution for the Kurds, sources traced the money diverted by the Shah (Pahlavi) prior to his deposition, allegedly amounting to $1,000m of diverted funds for personal use UNSC decision making for a plan of action Iraq ultimatum given to Tehran (article incomplete) ... Read more

Iranian-Kurdish Confrontation Relaxes

Iranian Kurdish Confrontation Relaxes Khomeini Transfers Polemics From Autonomy-Seeking Minority to U.s. ... Read more

Kurds plan show of strength

Article about Kurdish action in Iran ... Read more

Eight "Rebels" Executed in Iran

Short article regarding the executions of 8 "rebels" in Iran. ... Read more

Iranian Army deserters train Kurd guerrillas

Tebran (Renter)—ln the mountains of Kurdistan, a group of officers wbo re- ... Read more

Newspaper reporting events of the latter half of 1979: Taleghani's passing, Kurdish-Turkish tensions, etc...

A newspaper describing events in Iran, such as the passing of Ayatollah Taleghani, a well-known "moderate" clerical figure, attacks in the west Azerbaijani province between the Kurdish guerrilla forces and the government, a conviction and sentencing by Ayatollah Khalkhali, the resignation of Minister Gholam Shokuhi, and a government seize of the assets of the newspapers Kayhan and Etelaat. ... Read more

46 Kurds massacred

Tehran, lxi (*euler)—Unidentlf led attackers massa end 46 Kurdish villagers at the height of the antl.govern ... Read more

Iranian forces pursue retreating Kurds

© Guardian News and Media Limited 5/27/2011 Article - Untitled Article ... Read more

Iranian Forces Capture Mahabad

Iranian forces captured the Kurdish stronghold of Mahabad. ... Read more

Iranian Army conflict with Kurds in Mahabad

Article from the Baltimore Sun that depicts the confrontation of the Iranian army with the Kurdish population and guerrilla fighters of the Kurdistan region in Iran, particularly in Mahabad. ... Read more

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