Imam Khomeini's message to the people of Kurdistan

Main articles: 1. Shah Left 2. Imam Khomeini's date of return to Iran. 3. Imam Khomeini's message to the people of Kurdistan 4. Imam Khomeini marxists are free to express their opinions 5. Possible members of the revolutionary council 6. Free the political prisoners soon 7. Imam's warning to the majles representatives and members of the royalist council 8. People of Tehran await a big demonstration 9. Fadayi Khalgh troops denied connections with any country.

Transfer of six political prisoners to solitary confinement in the central prison of Orumieh

(12 December 2011) On the evening of Monday, December 5, 2011, prison guards attacked Ward 12, the ward that houses political prisoners, of the central ... Read more

Human Rights Spotlight on Rostam Arkia – A Kurdish Political Prisoner Held at Yazd Prison

As part of its on-going effort to document human rights abuses against Iran’s ethnic and religious minorities, the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center has received ... Read more


A german tribunal finds several accomplices guilty of the assassination of opposition leaders in Berlin. Most of the victims were the leaders of the Democratic Kurdish Party of Iran. The Tribunal held the head of the Islamic Republic of Iran's governmetn responsible for authoring the assassination. ... Read more

Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan Central Committee

• A memory of October revelation • Announcement of holding Autumn Plenum of the central committee of the Party • An overlook to the background and the results of Galindo Pohl • Kurdistan Movement and the public campaign • Fighting against imperialist according to the Mullah's method • Passing away of two popular poets

An overlook to the socialists countries events

• Komoleh and another step of rejection of armed battle • The Mullah and their government tool • Social security and health situation of the Iranian people • An ... Read more

Troubles Erupt in Iran's Border Areas

Problems erupt on the Afghanistan/Iran and Iraq/Iran borders just after the 1979 revolution. ... Read more

Massage of general secretary in Sorbonne university in paris

• Ceremony on founding the Party in August 16. • An overlook to zealots operation in July • Unholy unity of Iran and Pakistan against Baluch people • Anniversary of martyred the great Ghasemloo in the Europe • Some sympathy massages • Massage of the central council of democratic party of Iranian • Lawsuit about two Kurdish figures in Vienna • Disaster of Mena tunnel and IR propaganda • Death of Haj Jondi Soviet Kurdish scientist The nation conference of the Soviet Kurds

Interview with Abulhassan Bani Sadr

In this revealing interview with IHRDC, former President of the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) Abulhassan Bani Sadr provides a window into the course of dealings between the IRI government and Iran’s Kurdish minority in 1979 and 1980. ... Read more

IHRDC Releases Report On The Islamic Republic's Executions Of Kurds In 1979

September 29, 2011 NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT – The Iran Human Rights Documentation Center today released a report documenting the Islamic Republic’s executions of Iranian Kurds in ... Read more

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