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The Revolution's Prosecutor compared Mirashrafi with Mussulini

- 80 families of academics possessed a newly built building. - Military training started in factories and organizations. - Revolution's prosecutor - The declarations of Iranian embassy in Austria regarding the assassination of Ashraf's son. - 16 teachers of the Iraqi school in Khorramshahr were captured. - The Revolution's Prosecutor compared Mirashrafi with Mussulini. - People of Tabriz declared their unity with Imam again. - Iran does not accept the military interference of any country. - The plan for creating internal highways in Iran was declared. - The amendments of the constitution should respond to the [needs of the] nation's people. - An explosion in the statehouse of Markazi state - We condemn the deeds of the suspicious and fooled opportunists of Tabriz - Shi'a and Sunni took part in the Islamic movement of Iran. - Professors' declared their readiness to teach pro-bono. - Ministry of commerce's declaration of readiness for western economics sanction. - 25885 Iranians voted “yes” in Kuwait. - The order for gathering documentation about US' interference in Iran was released. - Carter! We will release the hostages without bloodshed, but the route of violence is still open. - Iran complained to British courts about blocking its resources - Methods for fighting the economic sanction of the imperialism are being designed. - The group of “Janbazan-I-Imam” denounced Fadayian-i-Islam's claim

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