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General Policies and Principles of the Programs of the Organization IRIB (Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB)

General Policies and Principles of the Programs of the Organization IRIB (Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB)

General Principles

Article 1- Supremacy of Islam over all programs and refraining from airing of any program which contradicts the Islamic values and criteria.

Article 2- Supremacy of the spirit of the Revolution and the country's constitution over all programs as reflected in the slogan of the "Independence, freedom and the Islamic Republic".

Article 3- Realization of the supreme leader's outlooks as the jurisprudent in all radio – TV programs in line with implementation of the stipulated principles.

Article 4- Working towards self-sufficiency and full realization of the independent policy of the "No West Nor East" in all political, economic, military and cultural dimensions within the framework of the laws of the Islamic Republic.

Article 5- The IRIB must work as a public university to promote the public awareness in various ideological, political, social, cultural and military issues.

Article 6- Paying respect to the dignity of the mankind and refraining from undermining their integrity based on the Islamic principles.

Article 7- IRIB belongs to all Iranian people and must reflect the life and affairs of all ethnic groups. No need to emphasize that, IRIB in doing so must concentrate its effort on ideological majority (Muslims), economic majority (oppressed people) and age majority (children and young adults)

Article 8- Based on the holy verse "and hold fast, all together, by the rope of Allah and be not divided among yourselves". The overall direction of IRIB must be towards evermore unity and consolidation of the society and warning the people against discord and disunity.

Article 9- To Listen to the constructive views and criticism of the people and creating a mutual relationship with the people and considering this medium as part of the whole social system in order to enrich the programs and withholding from one sided influence.

Article 10- The organization is required in order to make an impact on the thinking and sentiments of the people, to employ indirect discourse and attractive formats in its programs suitable for all tastes and mentalities within the society.

Article 11- Marching towards improvement and flourishing of human talents and enrichment of intellectual and artistic creativity.

Article 12- Enhancing the spirit of hope, confidence, hard working, sacrifice and steadfastness within the society and paying attention to people's spiritual and moral needs.

Article 13- Expansion and fair distribution of the radio TV coverage based on the cultural political, geographical priorities of the country.

Article 14- Efforts aimed at creation of suitable environment for accelerating the implementation of the programs of the three branches of powers.

Article 15- IRIB is the powerful tongue and the sensitive ear of the nation and therefore is duty bound to listen to people's problems and complaints and convey them to authorities and keep the people informed of all plans, progress and problems of the country's legal establishments and work for more and deeper understanding between the officials and various social groups.

New Issues

Article 16- IRIB, through continuous presence in the society should always honestly reflect the important events of the country and inform the people about the truth.

Article 17- IRIB should reflect the events, activities and problems of the whole country based on the regional priorities and in a fair manner in its national channels.

Article 18- IRIB is obliged to broadcast the latest accurate news and information about the important local and international events and developments that are useful and interesting to the majority of people in a clear and brief manner.

Article 19- In all programs and news in particular, issues containing the following items should not be broadcast:

A. Military and economic and political secrets of the country or items that could be used by the enemy in case of being revealed.

B. Making false and libel statements against official establishments and institutions, groups, political parties and associations which their activities are authorized by the law.

C. Issues which their publication would bring moral corruption an indecency to the society as stated in the holy verse "Lo! Those who love that slander be spread concerning those who believe …"

D. Publication of items which undermine the religious feelings and nation unity and will cause turmoil in the country.

E. Any item which might be considered as publicity for the counter -revolutionaries and mischievous groups.

F. Any topic which might be considered as harmful for the friendly relationship with friendly and brotherly countries or undermine and harm country's foreign rations.

Article 20- Efforts aimed at gathering and obtaining reliable and correct international news and becoming free from the monopoly of the Zionist and imperialist international new agencies.

Ideological Issues

Article 21 – Enhancing the Islamic knowledge and vision of the people and making the people more familiar with basic principles and teachings of Islam in a clear manner and free from ambiguity.

Article 22 – Publicizing and promoting the genuine Islamic culture and making use of the views of the knowledgeable clergies, scholars of seminaries and respectable Muslim theologians.

Article 23 – Efforts aimed at promoting the rich Islamic culture and the Islamic Revolution in the region and the world through production and airing of useful programs in the international level.

Article 24 – Introduction of Islamic philosophy, mysticism and law and making critical assessment of similar schools of the world.

Article 25- Arranging debates and discussions with scholars of non-Islamic and deviant schools of thoughts based on the holy verse of " all unto the way of thy Lord with wisdom and fair exhortation and reason with them in the better way. Lo! They Lord is best aware of him who strayeth from his way and he is best aware of those who go a right".

Article 26 – Enlightening the public opinion about the heresies and deviant ideas and beliefs in accordance with the saying of the holy prophet " when the heresies appear the scholar must reveal his knowledge, otherwise he will be cursed."

Cultural programs

Article 27 – Efforts aimed at replacement of the east and west value systems with the Islamic value system and campaign against the remnants of the ideas and works of the corrupt culture of the former regime.

Article 28 – Efforts aimed at accelerating the pace of the Cultural Revolution and return to the Islamic identity.

Article 29 – Efforts aimed at creating suitable environment for promotion and ascendancy of the mankind and improvement of his moral being and purification of his inner-self and enhancing of morality in the society.

Article 30 – Introducing of the dynamic and creative Islamic culture and literature as well as other cultures and their effective role in development of the man kind and the society.

Article 31 – Establishing bilateral cultural ties for exchange of radio – TV programs with other nations while safeguarding country's independence.

Article 32 – Efforts aimed at promoting and introducing the committed and popular culture and reforming the decadent culture into a revolutionary and responsible one to meet the intrinsic needs of the people.

Article 33 – Promotion of the general knowledge of people and encouraging and urging them to acquire more scientific and technical knowledge specially by introducing simple scientific system in the country.

Article 34 – Promoting innovative incentives among the people through honoring the researches and inventors and displaying their works and inventions.

Article 35 – Broadcasting healthy entertaining and joyful programs to enrich the leisure time of the people and promoting their physical and mental wellbeing.

Article 37 – Refraining from spread of sports and entertainments that are contrary to Islamic values.

Article 38 – Warning the younger generation against the harmful entertainments and dangerous addictions.

Social programs

Article 39 – Considering the pivotal role of the masses in the Revolution, IRIB should actively work to keep the people in the county's political and social scenes so that those who have brought about the Revolution, themselves work for its perpetuation.

Article 40 – In order to achieve the objective of "commanding good and prohibiting the evil" in the society, IRIB must create the mentality of healthy and constructive criticism and humble acceptance of criticism among the people and the officials. IRIB must reflect the criticism of the people from the official and expectation of the authorities from the people and by rejecting the destructive and anti-Islamic methods, prepare the ground for free debates and dialogues and provide the people with options to select what they consider as the best.

Article 41 – To work towards promotion and consolidation of Islamic brotherhood among various Islamic sects and denominations and solidarity with followers of religious minorities recognized in country's Constitution.

Article 42 – Preparing the ground for improvement of the intellectual life of people and enabling them to analyze, evaluate, understand the cause, follow- up and realism in countering social issues.

Article 43 – Paving the ground for establishment of constructive Islamic relationship in the society and correction of social relations.

Article 44 – Public education to make the people aware of their individual and social rights and become familiar with the country's Constitution, civil and criminal laws.

Article 45 – Define and explain the high status of women in Islam and introducing of the real values of women aimed at giving them their actual Islamic nature and eliminating the false values and restoration of moral values in families and helping the consolidation of families ties.

Article 46 – Upholding and honoring virtues and sacrifices and keeping alive the glorious memories of the martyrs of Islam and those disabled veterans who brought about the Revolution and maintain its continuity and are the shining stars of the Islamic glories and Iran.

Article 47 – education of the general public about sanitary issues and prevention of disease.

Political programs

Article 48 – IRIB is duty-bound to enhance public intellectual and moral awareness and pave the ground far full implementation of the country's Constitution which outlines the principles of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Article 49 – Make efforts aimed at creating suitable environment for further consolidation of the system of government based on the rule of law and rejection of any unlawful move in the country.

Article 50 – Efforts aimed at presenting political and ideological visions to people and increasing their knowledge and awareness about the position of the world arrogance and the oppressed nations.

Article 51 – Emphasizing the Islamic identity and anti-imperialism characteristics of Iranian nation and revealing the efforts made by the enemy to change such identity and sentiments.

Article 52 – Informing the people about the evil plots of the world colonial powers and their local agents aimed at weakening or changing the true path of the Revolution.

Article 53 – Conducting comparative studies about the revolutions taken place in the countries and explaining the nature and performance of the world liberation movements.

Article 54 – all the activities of the organization with respect to article 49 to 53 of this law must be carried out in line and the framework of the policies adopted by the three branches of the government of Islamic Republic.

Article 55 – Efforts aimed at holding free and informative debates between political parties and organizations in order to forge political understanding and healthy relationship between these groups. These activities should have two objectives.

A. Efforts aimed at holding free and constructive debates between the legitimate political parties and organizations to improve and enhance their genuine Islamic and political visions and creating healthy relationship and suitable discourse between these groups.

B. Revealing the activities, plots and the policies adopted by the counter revolutionaries and the fifth column of the enemy and making people aware of the true nature of their thinking and activities.

Article 56 – Foreign propagation policy:

A. IRIB must reveal the nature and hostile policies of antagonistic and world plundering countries and the domineering policies of economic and military bocks with formulate such policies in a logical and uncompromising manner.

B. In response to Hippocratic governments, IRIB must take a warning but conciliatory policies against such governments that pretend to be friendly but in fact help the enemies of Islam so that gradually they take passive position so that expansion of the enemies front could he averted.

C. In response to governments indifferent towards the Revolution, IRIB must take explanatory position and by explaining and publicizing the characteristics of the Revolution, try to gain their support for the Revolution.

D. In response to the friendly countries that mainly are enjoying public support, IRIB must work for further consolidation of ties between Iran and such nations to achieve common goals.

E. In response to Islamic nations, IRIB must work for unity and creation of unified Islamic front.

F. In response to liberation movements, IRIB must work towards introduction and assist all anti-arrogant and independent movements which have popular basis. Certainly priority should be given to the genuine Islamic movements.

G. In response to nations, IRIB must treat the people separately from the policies of the ruling governments. With respect to the nature of the Islamic Revolution which created fundamental changes in cultural and intellectual thinking of the people, spread of the ideals of the Islamic Revolution require conquering of people's hearts and minds and creating intellectual and cultural changes within other nations. IRIB, in order to publicize the salvation call of Islam and preparation of the ground for liberation of all oppressed people of the world from the domination of world arrogance, must propagate Islam as the only genuine liberating and revolutionary faith and work towards cultural unity and export of the Islamic Revolution to other Muslim nations and world population and at the same time make the Iranian people acquainted with culture and struggles of other nations.

Note – All activities of the organization in respect to article 55 must be carries out in the framework of country's foreign policies.

The General Economic Policies

Article 57 – Working to end the exploitation and oppressive relations in the country and enhance the fair and just economic relations based on the economic policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Article 58 – Securing public participation to expand production in the country and prevent the people from indulging in consumerism and luxurious life.

Article 59 – Work towards self-sufficiency of the country through promotion of agricultural, industrial and live-stock productions.

Article 60 – Paying of special attention to technical training of workers and framers who are considered as the corner stones of the production in the country.

Administration Affairs

Article 61 – Working towards suitable condition to change the complex bureaucratic system across the country and establishment of simple, strong and a suitable administration system compatible with the process of the Islamic Revolution.

Article 62 – Working towards creation of human and ethical relationship between the officials and people and educating people about correct manners of referring to governmental organizations.

Military issues

Article 63 - Helping the combat readiness of the public through education of military issues and enhancing 20 million- strong army.

Article 64 – Paying attention to the ideological education and moral boosting of the personnel of the Armed Forces.

Article 65 – Trying to maintain the unity and cooperation among the Armed Forces.

The law consists of an introduction, 65 articles and one note which was approved on Jan, 27, 1982 by the Islamic Consultative Assembly (Parliament) and subsequently ratified by the Council of Guardians .

Source Information: http://www.iranculture.org/en/nahad/irib.php (Accessed August 22, 2009)

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