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West Urged To Pressure Iran On Its Human Rights Record
The website Unlock Iran documents what life is like for political prisoners in Iran. Activists say that little has changed despite promises by the new Iranian president to overhaul the country. Read more



Iran Doles Out Prison Sentences to Tech Bloggers, or 'Enemy Cyber Activists'
Iran has sentenced a group of tech bloggers to a combined 36 years in prison for espionage and working with foreign media.A court sentenced the group, who all worked for the tech gadgets site Narenji, to prison terms ranging from 1.5 to 11 years, a source close to the bloggers told Mashable. Read more

Unlock Iran: 'Impunity Can Only Last So Long'Unlock Iran: 'Impunity Can Only Last So Long'
In an interview with Gissou Nia, Spokeswoman for Unlock Iran and Executive Director of the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center (IHRDC). Read more

Six judges accused of leading role in Iranian crackdown on free speechIranian man who survived execution must be hanged again, judges say
Human rights groups say judges, under influence of intelligence apparatus, spearheading crackdown on journalists and activists Read more

Iranian convict survives hanging, faces second attemptAfter Man Survives Hanging, Iran Plans a Second Attempt
Death penalty opponents pleaded with Iran on Thursday to spare a convicted drug felon who survived a hanging and was sent from the morgue to a hospital to recuperate so he could be rehanged. Read more


Iranian convict survives hanging, faces second attemptIranian convict survives hanging, faces second attempt
The case of an Iranian drug smuggler who faces a second execution attempt after surviving his first hanging has stirred an international outcry.... Read more

Spike in Iran executions seen politically motivatedSpike in Iran executions seen politically motivated
Within the small community of minority Arabs where he lived in southwest Iran, Hashem Shaabani was known as a teacher, an advocate for civil rights and a poet. But to the Islamic Republic he was seen as a threat. Read more

Activists say #HBDSaeed, call for Iranian prisoner's release
Human rights activists worldwide marked the 39th birthday of Iranian national Saeed Malekpour, taking to social media Thursday to offer well wishes and demanding his immediate release from prison Read more





Tweet storm brewing to free Saeed Malekpour in Iran
Thousands of people around the world will mark Saeed Malekpour’s 39th birthday on Thursday with a tweet storm on social media. But the Canadian resident friends call a “computer genius” won’t know it Read more

This Valentine's Day, bring human rights into the conversation with IranThis Valentine's Day, bring human rights into the conversation with Iran
For much of the world, February 14 is known as a day to celebrate love. But in Iran, Valentine's Day has come to mark another occasion as well—the anniversary of the house arrest of Iran's leading opposition figures Mir Hossein Mousavi, Mehdi Karroubi and Zahra Rahnavard. Read more

What Happens If Someone Has The Wrong Beliefs, Profession, Or Lifestyle In Iran? Nothing Great.
For the lead-up to the U.N. Human Rights Council meeting in Geneva, the new immersive digital campaign Unlock Iran is designed to amass awareness around Iran’s “prisoners of rights” — people jailed for their beliefs, profession, or lifestyle. Read more


New Facebook Project Imitates Virtual Iranian Prison
The U.S. and Iran are talking again. But while many hope a diplomatic breakthrough is possible, the Iranian regime’s opposition remains very much under siege. Eli Lake reports. In the last two and a half weeks, there have been at least 31 state executions in Iran and a prominent Iranian filmmaker has had his passport seized. Read more

Human Rights Under Rouhani
A new campaign by the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center brings awareness to conditions inside Iran. UN Chief Ban Ki Moon recently called on Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to improve the human rights record, we unlock human rights in Iran. Read more


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