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Shine a Light on Azadi Square

Support human rights and create your own Azadi Square in your hometown with this guide from Amnesty International.

In Iran, students continue to face egregious forms of repression and human rights abuses, as the Iranian authorities attempt to exert control over students opposed to their policies. Those who dare speak out, do so at great risk and with devastating consequences.

Majid Tavakkoli is one of the hundreds of people who have been jailed in Iran for simply exercising their right to freedom of expression. Majid, a student leader, was arrested in December 2009 after speaking at a university rally. He is now serving a term of more than eight years in prison for simply criticizing the government.

Azadi Square (Freedom Square) in Tehran is a place where demonstrations have occurred throughout Iran's history. Recently, it was the site for student led demonstrations in 2009, which took place in the days and weeks following the disputed Presidential elections in Iran.

Take Action: A Virtual International Protest in Azadi Square

This spring, Majid Tavakkoli's birthday, we will shine a light on freedom of expression in Iran through a virtual protest in Azadi Square.

It's easy. Click Here to find out how

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