Infographic: Women in Prison

This infographic explores conditions endured by female inmates in Iran’s prison system. Although they constitute a relatively small percentage of total prisoners in Iran, cultural attitudes and the second-class legal status of women ensure that they face a host of additional obstacles in detention. ... Read more

Censorship Procedures in the Islamic Republic of Iran (PDF Guide )

Censorship takes many forms in the Islamic Republic of Iran. From regulations establishing specific censorship procedures to extra-legal measures taken by various government bodies, restrictions on freedom of expression occur in a wide variety of situations. The following charts provide a broad outline of how censorship works in a variety of media. ... Read more

Infographic: Moharebeh Executions in 2015

Article 183 of the Islamic Penal Code defines moharebeh as the use of “weapons to cause terror and fear or to breach public security and ... Read more

Infographic: Capital Punishment in Iran - 2015

IHRDC’s final update of its chart of executions carried out by the Iranian government in 2015 counts 966 executions, an increase of nearly 34% from ... Read more

Infographic: Incarceration in Iran

This infographic examines statistics related to the state of Iran’s prison system and the broader implications of the Iranian judiciary’s approach to criminal justice, including ... Read more

Infographic - Government Corruption in Iran

It is hoped by many in Iran that the removal of broad sanctions will lead to a gradual improvement in the country's economic situation. But several recent court cases trying former government officials for embezzlement and financial corruption demonstrate an undeniable truth about life in the Islamic Republic of Iran: that public funds often find their way into private hands, and that the arbitrariness and weak rule of law that characterize the Islamic Republic's judicial system also cripple the country's economy. ... Read more

IHRDC Releases Documentary — “A Culture of Intimidation: The Islamic Republic and the Press”

(May 29, 2015) -- Last month, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI), Javad Zarif, announced to the world that the IRI does not “jail people for their opinions”, adding that, “people who commit crimes…cannot hide behind being a journalist.” ... Read more

A Tour of Ward 2A of Evin Prison

Ward 2A of Evin Prison is under the control of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). The ward is primarily used to hold political prisoners in pretrial detention. Reports from former detainees describe widespread and institutionalized torture in the ward. In this short film, two former inmates in the ward share their experiences. Watch video

Capital Punishment in Iran: 2014

IHRDC’s final update of its chart of executions carried out by the Iranian government last year counts 721 executions in 2014. This infographic highlights some ... Read more

Unlock Iran

IHRDC is proud to launch "Unlock Iran" - a campaign to raise awareness about human rights violations in Iran and tell the stories of 10 prisoners of rights incarcerated today. Join us and use your digital voice to #UnlockIran. ... Read more

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