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Continued Uncertainty regarding the Fate of Mohammad Ali Taheri

(July 8, 2015)—In recent weeks rumors have abounded that Mohammad Ali Taheri, the leader of a spiritual movement known as Erfan-e Halgheh, has been sentenced to death. The Iranian judiciary has denied these reports, but in the absence of clear information regarding his ultimate fate or even his current condition, lingering concerns remain. Taheri was first arrested in April 2010. In December 2011, Branch 26 of the Tehran Revolutionary Court sentenced Taheri to five years of imprisonment, 74 lashes, and a fine of 910, 500,000 toumans (approximately $671,000 per the exchange rate at the time). These sentences were based on charges of insulting sacred religious values, obtaining an illegitimate income, engaging in religiously prohibited acts, the dissemination of audiovisual material, and the illegal practice of medicine. The last of these charges stems from alternative medicine practices promoted by Taheri’s spiritual movement. ... Read more

Iranian Writer Sentenced to Death for Apostasy

(June 20, 2015) – The Iran Human Rights Documentation Center (IHRDC) has learned that Hesameddin Farzizadeh, a 23-year-old former nuclear physics student, has been sentenced to death for apostasy by the Criminal Court of Meshkinshahr in Ardabil province. A source with knowledge of the case indicates that Farzizadeh was arrested in a raid on his house in November 2014 by plainclothes Ministry of Intelligence (MOI) agents and held incommunicado at the MOI facility in the town for several days before being transferred to Meshkinshahr Prison, where he has been held since. The charge of apostasy stems from a book written by Farzizadeh, entitled “From Islam to Islam”, in which Farzizadeh examines the history of Shi’a Islam and raises questions about certain facets of Shi’a ideology. For instance, in his book Farzizadeh reportedly questions the existence of the Twelfth Imam, who, according to Shi’a theology, is a messianic figure who is to eventually reappear as a latter-day savior of humanity. ... Read more

Letter from Political Prisoners Held in Gohardasht, Evin and Orumiyeh Prisons to the UN Special Rapporteur Ahmed Shaheed Regarding the Death Sentence of Saman Nasim

Saman Nasim during his televised confession in 2011 (Photo credit: HRANA) (February 17, 2015) – Last Friday, twenty Iranian political prisoners detained in three separate prisons ... Read more

Hunger Strike of 27 Kurdish Political Prisoners in Orumiyeh Central Prison

An entrance to Orumiyeh Central Prison (December 12, 2014) – The Iran Human Rights Documentation Center (IHRDC) has received reports regarding the conditions of the thirty ... Read more

Protests against Acid Attacks on Women in Isfahan

(October 22, 2014) -- Following several acid attacks targeting women in Isfahan, which has caused panic in Iran’s third largest city, today a large demonstration ... Read more

Confirmation of Prison Sentence for Bahá'í Youth in Shiraz

Photo Credit: HRANA (October 2, 2014) – Amid harsh reprisals against religious minorities and individuals deviating from the Shi’a orthodoxy espoused by the authorities in the ... Read more

Arrest and Release of Mohsen Shoja’

(September 18, 2014) -- According to a source close to the case, Mohsen Shoja’, a 31-year old Iranian artist, was arrested at 7 pm on ... Read more

New Reports of Difficult Conditions for Sunni Prisoners in Rajaee Shahr Prison

Keykhosrow Sharafipour in Rajaee Shahr Prison (Photo credit: HRANA) (September 11, 2014) – In an interview with the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center (IHRDC), a political ... Read more

Report Indicates Execution of Two Ahwazi Arab Men May Be Imminent

Ali Chobayshat and Yasin (Khaled) Musavi could be executed as early as Thursday. ... Read more

Death Sentences for Ahwazi Arab Cultural Activists

Two more Ahwazi Arab cultural activists have been sentenced to death on national security charges. ... Read more

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