Imam Khomeini's message to the people of Kurdistan

Main articles: 1. Shah Left 2. Imam Khomeini's date of return to Iran. 3. Imam Khomeini's message to the people of Kurdistan 4. Imam Khomeini marxists are free to express their opinions 5. Possible members of the revolutionary council 6. Free the political prisoners soon 7. Imam's warning to the majles representatives and members of the royalist council 8. People of Tehran await a big demonstration 9. Fadayi Khalgh troops denied connections with any country.

The Baha'is case file after the revolution will soon be published.

Two letters written to the editor of Kayhan Newspaper, Mr. Shariatmadari, about the deceitful and corrupt nature of the Baha'i establishment in Iran following the publication of the anti Baha'i book, The Shades of Baha'ism by Kayhan Research Press.

Interesting Points About the Closed Majhis Session

Parts of the statement of the Minister of Intelligence raised complaints by the PM's, for example, Mr. Younesi claimed that Mr. Pourzard's main charge is a moral charge. ... Read more

They Killed an Iranian Student in the USA in a Very Tragic Manner

-Dr. Yazdi became responsible for managing the protests in provinces. -I declared the influence of SAVAK in Jomhouri e Khalgh Party 8 months ago -They killed an Iranian student in the USA in a very tragic manner -500 Iranian students were summoned to the Immigration office of the USA -Flow of American missiles towards Saudi Arabia -The reason for dismissal of the Associated Press journalist was revealed - An independent overseeing group can meet with the hostages. - Millions of Christmas cards were sent to the hostages - In reference to the crisis in Iran, US congress dismissed its one month long vacation - Imam Khomeini: Iran is not afraid of the US economic sanction. - International overseers meet with the hostages.

Iran's Intentions and Capitals of the Imperialism …(cut out of the newspaper) Justice of the International Judges

-Iran's intentions and capitals of the imperialism …(cut out of the news paper) justice of the international judges -Iran declared its presence in the Hague tribunal as unlawful -Name of the judges of the 15 countries of the international court of Hague

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