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Prosecutor in Iranian Opposition Trials Is Fired

TEHRAN, Aug. 29 -- The new head of Iran's judiciary, Ayatollah Sadeq Larijani, fired the main prosecutor in the trials of dozens of opposition figures ... Read more

Iranian-Kurdish Confrontation Relaxes

Iranian Kurdish Confrontation Relaxes Khomeini Transfers Polemics From Autonomy-Seeking Minority to U.s. ... Read more

Eight "Rebels" Executed in Iran

Short article regarding the executions of 8 "rebels" in Iran. ... Read more

Newspaper reporting events of the latter half of 1979: Taleghani's passing, Kurdish-Turkish tensions, etc...

A newspaper describing events in Iran, such as the passing of Ayatollah Taleghani, a well-known "moderate" clerical figure, attacks in the west Azerbaijani province between the Kurdish guerrilla forces and the government, a conviction and sentencing by Ayatollah Khalkhali, the resignation of Minister Gholam Shokuhi, and a government seize of the assets of the newspapers Kayhan and Etelaat. ... Read more

Khomeini Orders Kurdish Revolt Crushed

P .2 . unduy, August IQ, 19 f 1•i-(E //‘ tsi-r.t 1 /GTON POST ... Read more

11 Executed as Kurdish Rebels

11 flaecatevst as J nrdtsIs Re bets It florcter Site of I7igIz.tin ... Read more

Ethnic Feud Divides Warring Turks and Kurds in Iran

By William Branigin Washinrton Post Foreign Service NAQADEH, lran, April 23 A jeep full of Azerbaijani Turks halted on the bridge, dragged out ... Read more

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