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The Iran Human Rights Documentation Center (IHRDC) is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in New Haven, Connecticut.  The Center was founded in 2004 by a group of human rights scholars, activists, and historians to document the patterns of human rights abuse in Iran and to promote accountability, a culture of human rights and the rule of law in Iran. 

IHRDC currently has two basic programs: (1) a human rights investigation, analysis and reporting program, and (2) an extensive document database (the Aadel Collection) that is available to persons in Iran and worldwide on the Center’s website at www.iranhrdc.org.

Internships:  The IHRDC invites applications from law school students seeking internships.  Interns can expect to perform the following: 

a) legal research in Iranian law and international human rights law;

b) factual research on human rights topics including murder, torture, gender-related violence, disappearances, and extrajudicial killings;

c) drafting of documents relating to human rights violations;

d) gathering, categorizing and compiling human rights-related documents issued by governments, media, and nongovernmental organizations; and

e) assistance in the development of the IHRDC’s human rights database


IHRDC also invites applications from university and post-graduate students who have the following skills: 

a)  knowledge of social media and social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Balatarin)

b)  ability to edit video footage

c)  background in graphic design

d) web design knowledge (e.g. ability to layout HTML text, etc)


IHRDC particularly welcomes applications from students with a background in human rights law, or those with an ability to speak, read and write Persian.  Applicants should email their resume, cover letter, and writing sample to jobs@iranhrdc.org.


Further information can be found on the IHRDC’s website at www.iranhrdc.org.


Volunteers and Interns

IHRDC welcomes the assistance of volunteers and interns with a variety of skill sets. Our volunteers include students eager to learn skills that will apply to their future professions, young professionals looking to use their extra time to promote human rights, and individuals using what they have learned over many years to assist a growing organization. Volunteers and interns will be expected to work at least 10-20 hours per week under the direction of the Executive Director.

Farsi-literate Volunteers and Interns: IHRDC particularly welcomes volunteers and interns with the ability to read Farsi.

Development Volunteers and Interns: Candidates should have an interest in fundraising, program development, and non-profit management. Experience working for a non-profit in one of these capacities is highly desirable but not necessary.

Research Volunteers and Interns: IHRDC’s internship program exposes law and university students to international human rights law and practice as well as the human rights situation in Iran. Applicants should email their resume and a cover letter to jobs@iranhrdc.org.

Ways to Get Involved:

There are many ways to get involved with the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center. We’ve listed as many as we could below, but if you have additional ideas, please let our development team know (info@iranhrdc.org). Many supporters, volunteers and foundations have made IHRDC what it is today, and it is the support of you and others like you that will allow the organization to continue growing, and continue to promote accountability, respect for human rights and rule of law in Iran.

Tell a Friend about IHRDC

The easiest way to get involved is to let others know that you support what we’re doing. You can easily email somebody or share our work with your network by sending them our link. www.iranhrdc.org

You can also become a fan on Facebook and Twitter and Balatarin.

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Still Looking?

Here is a list of the many other ways you can help us:

• Let your local International Service Clubs know about the IHRDC’s efforts

• Blog about us

• Share an IHRDC post with your Facebook network

• Tell someone you know in the media about what we are doing

• Email 10 friends and tell them you support us and that they should too

• Reach out to 5 bloggers and let them know what we are doing

• Make us your charity on GoodSearch

• Have your birthday present be a one time, or even a monthly investment in the future of Iran.

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