Witness Statement: Mitra Lager

Mitra Lager, a former supporter of the Mojahdedin-e Khalq (MEK), describes her arrests and torture in the early and mid-1980s and recalls how the Hezbollahe ... Read more

Witness Statement: Reza Azad

Reza Azad describes the brutal mistreatment and torture he suffered as a political prisoner in Iran from 1982 to 1987.   Name: Reza Azad Father's Name: Khosrow Place of ... Read more

Witness Statement: Tania Ahmadi Kaliji

Ahmadi Kaliji is a web blogger, and a vocal and outspoken critic of Iran’s death penalty. Her articles criticizing the stoning of women attracted the ... Read more

Witness Statement: Mahdis

“Mahdis” was a student activist and a follower of Ayatollah Kazemeyni Borujerdi. She participated in the Student Day demonstrations of 2002 and was arrested along ... Read more

Witness Statement: Ali Kantoori

Ali Kantoori, socio-political activist, describes his mistreatment and torture in solitary confinement in Evin prison due to his efforts to improve working class conditions, and ... Read more

Witness Statement: Mahmoud Roghani

In this witness statement, Mahmoud Roghani describes his imprisonment in Iran from 1983 to 1989. Roghani was a member of the Tudeh Party, a leftist ... Read more

Witness Statement: Amir Atiabi

Amir Atiabi, who was a political prisoner in Iran, narrates his experiences during the summer of the 1988 when thousands of political prisoners were summarily ... Read more

Witness Statement: Arash Sigarchi

Arash Sigarchi, a journalist and blogger, was arrested in 2004 for his allegedly illegal blogging activities. In this witness statement, he describes his mistreatment and ... Read more

Witness Statement: Bahman Rahbari

Bahman Rahbari was arrested in 1980 in connection with an attempt by military officers to overthrow the newly installed Islamic Republic. He spent five years ... Read more

Witness Statement: Ensafali Hedayat

Ensafali Hedayat is an independent journalist who has reported extensively on human rights violations, particularly in the Iranian provinces of Ardebil, Western and Eastern Azarbaijan. ... Read more

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