Two released, hundreds still held in Iran

Further information on (JA: 06/10 Index: MDE 13/006/2010 Iran Date: 13 January 2010 ... Read more

Saeed Mortazavi was accused for Kahrizak

Eventually after a few months, the Special Committee in Majlis for studying on Kahrizak events declared their report to the Majlis today. According to this ... Read more

The 8 students arrested name in the Ferdowsi university in Mashhad

In Ashoura and also in the Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri's ceremony in the last five days in Mashad, about 25 students were arrested. Some of them were released in the last days but at least 8 of them are still in the detention. Their name is following: 1) Hossein Ghabel (Electrical Engineering) 2) Farid Fa'al (Industrial Engineering) 3) Hadi Sajjadi (Economic) 4) Ali Motahhari (Economic) 5) Mehdi Jafari (Administration) 6) Arsham Damqani 7) Mehran Hadashi 8) Amir Sabet-Moghaddam

Son of Ayatollah taheri was arrested

Mohammad Taheri, son of Ayatollah Jalaleddin Taheri Esfahani was arrested. His wife is agrand daughter of Imam Khomeini's. ... Read more

More than 400 people were arrested in Isfahan

In conflicts in Hossein-Abad St. in Isfahan about 400 or 500 people, including Habib Nouri (50 years old) brother of Abdollah Nouri, and his son Reza Nouri and his nephew Mehdi Nouri were arrested and transferred to Isfahan prison ... Read more

Full Statement of Iranian Military Court on Kahrizak Detention Centre

Full Statement of Iranian Military Court on Kahrizak Detention Centre With our condolences for the next days of mourning for the Master of martyrs ... Read more

My One Son is Buried and the Other is in Prison

On December 7th as Kamran Assa, the brother of Kianoosh Assa who died recently, tried to enter Elam va Sanaat University (Science and ... Read more

Darush Ghambari - The court of Kahrizak Perpetrators must be public

MP Dariush Ghanbari pressed the specific case of the abuses at Kahrizak Prison, declaring that Iranian people are still waiting for the open trial of the people in charge.

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