Confirmation of Prison Sentence for Bahá'í Youth in Shiraz

Photo Credit: HRANA (October 2, 2014) – Amid harsh reprisals against religious minorities and individuals deviating from the Shi’a orthodoxy espoused by the authorities in the ... Read more

Witness Statement of Hamid Nasseri Basati

In this witness statement, Hamid Nasseri Basati, an Ahwazi Arab convert from Shi’a to Sunni Islam, provides testimony regarding his arrest and trial, and shares details regarding a life lived in fear of the authorities after his conversion. ... Read more

Arrest and Release of Mohsen Shoja’

(September 18, 2014) -- According to a source close to the case, Mohsen Shoja’, a 31-year old Iranian artist, was arrested at 7 pm on ... Read more

New Reports of Difficult Conditions for Sunni Prisoners in Rajaee Shahr Prison

Keykhosrow Sharafipour in Rajaee Shahr Prison (Photo credit: HRANA) (September 11, 2014) – In an interview with the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center (IHRDC), a political ... Read more

Mostafa Rahmani: A Witness to Non-Political Prison Wards in Iran

Mostafa Rahmani, an Iranian human rights activist who spent two months in Ghezelhesar prison in Karaj among ordinary prisoners in 2010 discusses his experiences. Two years prior, Rahmani also spent two weeks in Taybad prison, where he claims to have witnessed mass executions of prisoners. Prisoners of conscience in Iran are often detained separately from the rest of the prison population. As a result reports on the conditions of the prison wards that hold prisoners convicted on normal criminal charges have been scarce. Watch video

Witness Statement of Mojtaba

In this witness testimony, Mojtaba, a Kurdish political prisoner currently serving a 30-year sentence in Saqqez Central Prison, discusses his arrest and torture and details several due process violations that took place during his trial. He concludes with a description of prison conditions and an examination of the numerous deaths of prisoners that he has witnessed since the beginning of his prison term. ... Read more

Denied Identity: Human Rights Abuses Against Iran's LGBT Community

(November 7, 2013) - Since its inception, the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) has discriminated, in law and in practice, against its lesbian and gay population. While transgender Iranians are legally protected if they start the sex-change process, there is significant concern that gay and lesbian individuals could be unnecessarily encouraged to undergo sex-reassignment surgery. ... Read more

Iranian Journalist Gets 50 Lashes and 2 Years in Prison for 'Propaganda'

Originally posted at: BY LORENZO FRANCESCHI-BICCHIERAI Iran is sending yet another journalist to prison. Marzieh Rasouli, an arts and culture local journalist and blogger, was taken into ... Read more

Life and Death: Survivor Accounts from Iran’s Kurdish Regions Post-Revolution

(July 1, 2014) – This witness statement compilation serves as a companion package to Haunted Memories: The Islamic Republic’s Executions of Kurds in 1979, a ... Read more

Witness Statement of Ahmad Khalili

In this witness statement, Ahmad Khalili—a member of the Ahwazi Arab ethnic minority in Iran—recalls his father’s imprisonment on political grounds, as well as the discrimination he and his family faced while living in Iran. ... Read more

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