IHRDC takes action in the case of Zahra Kazemi before the Supreme Court of Canada

(December 10, 2013) – As part of its ongoing effort to combat impunity in the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI), the Iran Human Rights Documentation ... Read more

Witness Statement of Mehdi Nozar

(October 15, 2013) – In this witness testimony, Mehdi Nozar – a legal expert in the Cultural Heritage Organization and a Green Movement activist – discusses the rampant mismanagement in the Cultural Heritage Organization in Iran during the Ahmadinejad presidency. He also details how his involvement with the Mir Hossein Mousavi presidential campaign in 2009 led to a dismissal from his job in May 2010 and a one-year prison sentence. Following his release from ward 350 of Evin prison, he fled Iran in December 2011 after he was again summoned by the Intelligence Ministry. ... Watch video

Witness Statement of Zaynab Bayazidi

(September 30, 2013) -- In her first, full-length witness interview since her escape from Iran, former political prisoner Zaynab Bayazidi--a Kurdish women's rights and children's rights activist--describes her multiple arrests, interrogations and imprisonment in exile in Maragheh Prison in Iran. In her statement, Bayazidi explains in careful detail the substandard health and sanitation conditions in prison, sexually coercive practices in interrogation, suicide attempts of inmates, the treatment of children in prison, sexual abuse of female inmates, violence in prison and other prison circumstances and practices that she herself experienced or to which she was a first-hand witness. ... Watch video

Jailed in Iran: The Story of ex-Marine Amir Hekmati

Originally published at: by Azmat Khan On Aug. 29, 2011, 28-year-old former U.S. Marine Amir Hekmati was getting ready to go to a feast to celebrate the end ... Read more

IHRDC Welcomes the Release of Political Prisoners in the Islamic Republic of Iran

(September 19, 2013) – The Iran Human Rights Documentation Center (IHRDC) welcomes reports that more than a dozen political and religious prisoners, including prominent Iranian ... Read more

Witness Statement of Alireza Kiani

In this witness statement, Alireza Kiani—a student activist—discusses his involvement in different student activist organizations in Iran and his arrest, imprisonment and eventual escape from Iran in July 2011 on account of those activities. ... Read more

Witness Statement of Foad Sojoodi Farimani

(July 30, 2013) - In this witness statement, Foad Sojoodi Farimani – a former PhD student at Amir-Kabir Industrial University in Tehran who was barred from study – discusses how his activity on social media networks resulted in his arrest and imprisonment in Evin prison. ... Read more

Who is Mostafa Pourmohammadi? A profile of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s pick for Minister of Justice

(August 5, 2013) – Following the inauguration of Hassan Rouhani—the new president of the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI)—into office this past Saturday, August 3, it was announced that Mostafa Pourmohammadi, a former IRI Deputy Intelligence Minister, was nominated to be the IRI’s new Minister of Justice. ... Read more

Witness Testimony of Habib Farahzadi: a student activist and law graduate

(July 3, 2013) - In this witness statement, Habib Farahzadi--a student activist and law graduate now living in exile--discusses his membership in the leading student ... Watch video

Witness Testimony of Majid Tamjidi: arrest and imprisonment of a post-June 2009 protester

In this witness testimony, Majid Tamjidi—a former prisoner from Evin prison’s Ward 209 and Ward 350—discusses his efforts to organize striking workers at the ceramics factory he worked at in 2009 in Qazvin, when they had not been paid wages for months. ... Watch video

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