Legal Commentary

Qisas: A Law for Injustice

In this commentary, IHRDC Legal Advisor Hossein Raeesi analyzes a murder case and the court documents corresponding thereto, which reveal how the legal remedy of qisas [the principle of retaliatory punishment] entrenches blatant, systemic, and structurally-entrenched violations of human rights in Iran. ... Read more

Chronicle of an Execution: The Case of Mohsen Amir Aslani

In September of 2014, Iran carried out the death sentence of a man who had allegedly attracted a small following with unorthodox religious teachings. But when Mohsen Amir Aslani was executed after over eight years in prison, conflicting reports emerged as to the nature of his alleged crimes. ... Read more

The Problem of Political Crimes in Iranian Law

This article examines the concept of political crimes in the legal framework of Iran. While the Iranian Constitution provides special procedural safeguards for those charged with such crimes, i.e. public hearing in the presence of a jury, secondary laws of Iran provide no definition for such crimes. ... Read more

Gender Inequality and Discrimination: The Case of Iranian Women

(March 8, 2013) -- Today, on this year's International Women's Day, the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center (IHRDC) is pleased to release “Gender Inequality and Discrimination: The Case of Iranian Women”, a 60+ page legal commentary from Iranian lawyer Mohammad Hossein Nayyeri. ... Read more

Iranian Bar Associations: Struggle for Independence

(28 November 2012) -- Today, one of Iran's most celebrated human rights lawyers, Nasrin Sotoudeh, is in her 43th day of hunger strike in her Evin prison cell in protest to her arbitrary imprisonment. ... Read more

Crimes against Children in Iran

(28 August 2012) -- In this legal commentary, Iranian human rights lawyer Mohammad Mostafaei analyzes the practice of juvenile execution in Iran through an examination of several case studies and exploration of relevant Iranian laws. ... Read more

The Execution of Women in Iranian Criminal Law: an Examination of the Impact of Gender on Laws Concerning Capital Punishment in the New Islamic Penal Code

In this legal commentary from the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center, Maryam Hosseinkhah, writer and women's rights defender, examines the role of gender in the implementation of capital punishment under the past and current Islamic Penal Codes of Iran. ... Read more

Understanding the Rushdie Affair: Blasphemy and Extrajudicial Killing in Shi’a Islam (May 2012)

Despite its multifaceted impact—on geopolitics, human rights, and ordinary lives—nearly twenty-five years on, the central impetus behind the Salman Rushdie affair remains unanalyzed. Contrary to reflecting ... Read more

The Question of "Stoning to Death" in the New Penal Code of the IRI

In this legal essay, Iranian lawyer Mohammad Hossein Nayyeri explains why, contrary to popular reports, the silence of Iran's new Islamic Penal Code on the punishment of stoning for adultery does not mean stoning has in fact been abolished from the Code. ... Read more

Criminal Responsibility of Children in the Islamic Republic of Iran's New Penal Code

(22 February 2012) -- In this IHRDC legal essay, Iranian defense lawyer Mohammad Hossein Nayyeri explains why the new Islamic Penal Code, despite allegations to the contrary in the media, does not end the application of the death penalty to juvenile offenders in Iran. ... Read more

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