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Silencing the Women's Rights Movement in Iran


IHRDC gathered and analyzed information for this report from the following sources:

. Testimony of victims and witnesses. These include witness statements taken by IHRDC attorneys from Iranian women's rights activists, journalists, and lawyers.

. Government documents. These include recorded public statements by state officials, statements released by Iranian government agencies, and published legal instruments.

. Documents issued by non-governmental organizations. These include, interviews, reports and press releases written by Amnesty International, Women Living Under Muslim Law, and Change for Equality.

. Academic articles and books. These include the works of historians and political scientists who have written on Iran, as well as works written by Iranians about their experiences.

. Media reporting. These include articles and reports by Iranian and other mass media outlets as well by Iranian bloggers.

Where the report cites or relies on information provided by government actors or other involved parties, it specifies the source of such information and evaluates the information in light of the relative reliability of each source. The IHRDC has meticulously cross-checked all the sources of information used to compile this report to ensure their credibility and accuracy.

All names of places, people, organizations, etc. originally written in Farsi have been transliterated using the system of the International Journal of Middle Eastern Studies (IJMES), available at http://assets.cambridge.org/MES/mes_ifc.pdf. Under the IJMES system, names of places with an accepted English spelling and names of prominent cultural or political figures may be spelled according to the English norm.

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Sexual Violence, Gender Rights, Death Penalty, Political Killings, Executions, Torture, Inhuman and Degrading Treatment, Punishment, Personal Liberty, Arbitrary Detention, Travel Restrictions, Due Process, Right to an Attorney, Illegal Search and Seizure, Free Speech, Right to Protest, Protests, Free Association, Child Rights, Political Freedom, Equality Before the Law, Discrimination