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A Faith Denied: The Persecution of the Baha'is of Iran


IHRDC gathered information for this report from the examination of the following sources:

•   Testimony of victims and witnesses. These included witness statements taken by IHRDC attorneys, accounts written at the time of the event, and personal memoirs.
•   Government documents. These include recorded public statements by state officials, statements released by Iranian government agencies and documents relating to judicial proceedings, such as the minutes of revolutionary trials published in the newspapers or transcripts of court proceedings.
•   Documents issued by inter-governmental organizations. These include UN resolutions emanating from the General Assembly and reports by United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, as well as reports by regional organizations such as the European Union.
•   Documents prepared by NGOs. IHRDC has used information gathered by human rights monitors such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International.
•   Books and articles written by private individuals. These include accounts published by civil servants from the Islamic Republic of Iran who ordered these violations to be committed, and those who implemented these orders, or simply witnessed their issuance and/or implementation.
•   The Bahá’í International Community. The Bahá’í World Center and its subsidiary organs have extended the IHRDC access to their archives.
•   Academic articles. A number of historians and jurists have written on the persecution of the Iranian Bahá’ís.
•   Photographs. These include photos of attacks on Bahá’í property that have been taken by members of the Bahá’í community as well those published by the Iranian media since 1979.

Where the report cites or relies on information provided by government actors or other involved parties it specifies the source of such information and evaluates the information in light of the relative reliability of each source.

Many individual Bahá’ís mentioned in this report still reside in Iran, so it has been necessary to conceal their identities behind pseudonymic initials. In each instance, specific documentation relating to these victims is held on file at the IHRDC.



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