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Witness Testimony of Abbas Sadeghi: From Drugs to Faith

(February 22, 2013) -- In this short video testimony, Abbas Sadeghi – an Iranian refugee who was addicted to drugs for 18 years – describes how he was able to quit his debilitating habit with the help of Farshid Fathi, a Christian convert from Tehran.  As a result of his experience, Sadeghi later converted to Christianity.  In his testimony, Sadeghi also describes how on Christmas Day in December 2010, more than 70 Christian converts, including Farshid Fathi and himself, were rounded up in mass arrests in Tehran and taken to Evin prison.  While Sadeghi was released on bail after 40 days in detention, and later escaped to Turkey, Fathi continues to be held at Evin prison where he is serving a six year prison sentence for proselytizing. 


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