Witness Testimony

Witness Statement of Mahmoud Salehi

This statement was prepared pursuant to an interview with Mahmoud Salehi. There are 31paragraphs in the statement. The views and opinions of the witness expressed herein do not necessarily reflect those of the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center. ... Read more

Witness Statement of Abbas Maroufi

  Name:  Abbas Maroufi Place of Birth:  Tehran, Iran Date of Birth:  1957 Occupation:  Author and Publisher     Interviewing Organization:   Iran Human Rights Documentation Center (IHRDC) Date of Interview:  August 3, 2015 Interviewer:   IHRDC ... Read more

Video Witness Statement of Popak Akhtari Rad

In this video witness statement, Popak Akhtari Rad, an Iranian author and artist, describes his experiences with censorship in Iran.  Among other examples, Akhtari Rad ... Watch video

Witness Statement of Ahmad Hamid

In this witness statement, Ahmad Hamid, an Ahwazi Arab attorney who served as counsel to defendants in cases related to the April 2005 protests in Ahvaz and the 2005-06 bombings in the same city, discusses the violations of due process that characterized the cases and goes on to share his general experiences as a lawyer in Khuzestan Province. ... Read more

Video Witness Statement of Ahmad Batebi

Ahmad Batebi is one of the most famous Iranian political prisoners of the post-revolutionary era. Batebi, a student activist at the time, was jailed for ... Watch video

Witness Statement of Shaykh Mohammad Kazem Khaqani

Shaykh Mohammad Kazem Khaqani is an Ahwazi Arab Shi’a cleric and religious scholar and the son of Ayatollah Mohammad al-Shobeir Khaqani, a highly influential cleric in Khuzestan during the Revolution of 1978-79. ... Read more

Witness Statement of Isa Savari

In this witness statement, Isa Savari, an Ahwazi Arab civic and political activist, discusses his years as target of government surveillance, house raids, and multiple arrests, and shares experiences from his prison terms in Karun and Sepidar Prisons in Khuzestan Province. ... Read more

Witness Statement of Siamak Ghaderi: Accounts from a Journalist in Evin Prison

Siamak Ghaderi, a journalist and blogger, was arrested in 2010 on charges of participating in post-election protests. In addition to receiving four years’ imprisonment, he was sentenced to 60 lashes after demonstrating that former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s claims that there were no homosexuals in Iran were false by publishing reports on gay Iranians. He recounts his trial and detention in this video. Watch video

Video Witness Statement of Babak Khorram Khorshid

In this video witness statement, Babak Khorram Khorshid, an actor and writer, reflects on changes in social life in Iran over the decades since the ... Watch video

Video Witness Statement of Majid Abedinzadeh Moghaddam: A Prisoner in Kahrizak during the 2009 Post-Election Protests

Majid Abedinzadeh Moghadam was imprisoned in Kahrizak Detention Center for participating in the protests following the 2009 elections. There, he and over a hundred other detainees were subjected to systematic physical and psychological torture, including beatings and imprisonment in a hot and crowded warehouse. Following several days of violent mistreatment, Moghaddam witnessed the death of one of his fellow detainees. Watch video

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