European Countries Join Demanding End of Baha'i Persecution

On 27 December 1982, a consortium of European countries came together and produced a demache of the Iranian persecution of Iranian Baha'is in their country. ... Read more

Consideration of Iran's Report under Article 9 of the Convention

This is the CERD's analysis of IRI's response to the Human Rights Covenant. It notes inconsistencies in the Constitution and especially questions the status of Baha'i in IRI. Includes charts of quantitative statistics of minorities in Iran. ... Read more

Two Letters - Iranian Baha'is - Farhang Replies

1st Letter - "Iranian Baha'is" - a complaint and critique of Mansour Farhang's stance on the persecution of Baha'is in Iran. 2nd Letter - "Farhang Replies" - Mansour Farhang proceeds to clarify and defend his statement and concludes that the violation of the human and democratic rights of all Iranians should be emphasized. He calls the persecution of the Baha'is a result of the ideology of a fascist totalitarian system. ... Read more

IRI employees required to state religion

The IRI required all government employees to state religion. Iranians say that this move is aimed at Baha'is. Those who refuse to comply were to be fired and perhaps jailed. The article goes on to outline what this means for Baha'is in Iran. ... Read more

Australia House of Representatives Parliamentary Debates, 19 August 1981

  Housing Finance 19 August 1981 REPRESENTATIVES 411 ... Read more

According to the Decree of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Shiraz: Two Persons were Arrested Due to the Crime of Collaboration with Zionism

Zur Entwicklung seit 1979 Folgende Auswahl von Dokurnenten gibt einen kleineñ Eindruck der systernatischen Dis- ... Read more

Washington Confirms Teheran Has Arrested Iran-Born U.S. Citizen; Religion Said to Be an Issue

Iran-born U.S. citizen Mohl Sobhani was arrested as he tried to leave Teheran with his wife and daughter on Sept. 6 1980. Jack Anderson, the columnist disclosing the arrest on ABC-TV's "Good Morning, America" said that the Iranian, who he said had been operating a computer company in Iran, had been charged with being an American spy. Mr. Sobhani's brother Morris, a civil engineer in Santa Barbara, Calif., said that he believed Mohl was arrested becasue he was an American and a member of the Bahai faith. ... Read more

BIC Press Release (Sept. 11, 1980)

BIC Press Release  GENEVA (11 September 1980) — The United Nations Sub-Commission on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities, at its thirty-third session now concluding, ... Read more

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