Who is Mostafa Pourmohammadi? A profile of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s pick for Minister of Justice

(August 5, 2013) – Following the inauguration of Hassan Rouhani—the new president of the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI)—into office this past Saturday, August 3, it was announced that Mostafa Pourmohammadi, a former IRI Deputy Intelligence Minister, was nominated to be the IRI’s new Minister of Justice. ... Read more

Witness Statement of Soma Kamangar

In this IHRDC witness statement, Soma Kamangar – the daughter of former Komala party leader Sedigh Kamangar – recounts her imprisonment at the age of 3 in a Tehran jail and her banishment to the city of Yazd as a child. ... Read more

Der Anwalt sagte nur ein Wort

SEITE 2/ DER TAGESSPIEGEL Unwahrheiten im Dossier Trans nachgewiesen ... Read more

Findings Regarding the Iranian State's Terrorism

The BKA presents evidence linking Iran to state-sponsored terrorism. Specific examples include information from the French Security Service, certain individuals obtaining visas before the crimes ... Read more

Threats in Iran before the Mykonos verdict

Iran threatens with heavy consequences for Iran The Tehran times announced that it would not be in the interest of either Iran or Germany if the judges made an unfavorable verdict that is apparently only pleasing Israel and Washington. ... Read more

Death Sentence for Bush and Gorbi

After incidence in Middle East and after Near East peace talks Mochtaschemi said that all those participating on conference deserve to die. ... Read more

State Terrorism in Perfection

The court where the Mykonos process is held resembles a fortress The former Iranian president delivers new evidence in the case ... Read more


A german tribunal finds several accomplices guilty of the assassination of opposition leaders in Berlin. Most of the victims were the leaders of the Democratic Kurdish Party of Iran. The Tribunal held the head of the Islamic Republic of Iran's governmetn responsible for authoring the assassination. ... Read more

Report on Islamic Republic's Terrorism Abroad

An IStanbul court found Reza Massoumi guilty for his participation in the assassinations of Zahra Rajabi and Ali Moradi. Massoumi confessed that he had acted under instruction of the Iran Intelligence Service.

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