Iran's Mullahs order 100,000 demonstrators

In reaction to the Mykonos verdict, In Iran, new demonstrations and protests against Germany have erupted ... Read more

Alleged Victims of Iranian Government

List of victims who are believed to have been murdered by the Iranian government. Total killed: 85 and total wounded: 54. Includes descriptions of the assassinations when possible. ... Read more

A successful distortion attempt

Wrong considerations towards Iran with respect to the investigations of the Terror attacks ... Read more

Should Karlsruhe expose itself to the accusation, endanger the lives of Germans?

Cold relations between Iran and Germany that only now are beginning to slightly thaw ... Read more

The Connection: An Exclusive Look at How Iran Hunts Down It's Oppenents Abroad

The assassination of Shahpour Bakhtiar, an Iranian dissident exile, in Paris on August 1991 is only one of many Iranian dissidents murdered abroad. Evidence suggests ... Read more

In the darkness, hope rises

Special inlet about Iranian politics. ... Read more

Four Kurds have been killed in Berlin

die k geszeitun . 5 m tøg, 1 6 Oktober 1993 • ... Read more

Iran: Support for Terrorism

U.S. Department of State asserts that Iran sponsors terrorism and has been engaged in assassinations and bombings worldwide.

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