Terror and death in Khomeini's Iran

• Q ,) Lub r . ... . A Terror and death in Kh meini's Iran ... Read more

Iran reportedly executes 16 Bahai in secret (The New York Times - 6/20/1983)

The New York Times, June 20, 1983 Copyright 1983 The New York Times Company ... Read more

European Countries Join Demanding End of Baha'i Persecution

On 27 December 1982, a consortium of European countries came together and produced a demache of the Iranian persecution of Iranian Baha'is in their country. ... Read more

7 Pasdars and Kurdish Muslim Pishmergs Were Martyred

- 7 Pasdars and Kurdish Muslim Pishmergs Were Martyred - President: We Will Not Allow New Armed Groups to Form - Glorious Festivities for 15th of Shaban in the Cities - By Order of the Islamic Revolutionary Courts: 26 Corruptors on Earth Were Executed - Kerman's City Council Members Resigned - Flood in Miyanih and Piranshahr - Providing Security Is Up to the Gendarmerie - 2 Men Were Lashed In Ahvaz for Charging too Much - Appointing the Representative of Ayatollah Khalkhali in Khorasan and Sistan and Baluchestan - Executive Director and Members of the Board of Bank of Semnan Provice Were Appointed - Due to Roll Over of a Jeep, 9 People Were Killed and Injured - Anti Revolutionaries Aim to Destroy the Crops

Eight "Rebels" Executed in Iran

Short article regarding the executions of 8 "rebels" in Iran. ... Read more

We will suppress any gathering for protest, strike or demonstration at all costs

Articles: 1. We'll stand against any form of gathering for protest, strike or demonstration at all costs 2. Guard's union for repression of obstruction and hostage taking ... Read more

46 Kurds massacred

Tehran, lxi (*euler)—Unidentlf led attackers massa end 46 Kurdish villagers at the height of the antl.govern ... Read more

11 Executed as Kurdish Rebels

11 flaecatevst as J nrdtsIs Re bets It florcter Site of I7igIz.tin ... Read more

Firing Squad Executes 6 "corrupters on Earth"/ Tensions in Marivan/ Draft qualifications/ University employment restrictions

6 Corrupters on Earth Were Executed With a Firing Squad Marivan Is Experiencing Tension Again. Those Who Qualified – Born Between 1331 and 1339- Were ... Read more

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