Arbitrary Detention

Witness Testimony: Kianoosh Sanjari

You Must be Silent. Kianoosh Sanjari, an Iranian journalist and a human rights activist, testifies about his ten arrests, his mistreatments in Iran's prisons, and ... Read more

Forced Confessions: Targeting Iran's Cyber-Journalists

This publication is a compilation of witness statements by three Iranian bloggers and cyber-journalists who were arrested and detained by the Iranian government in 2004 ... Read more

A Faith Denied: The Persecution of the Baha'is of Iran

This report explores how Baha'i religious practice has effectively been criminalized inside Iran. Baha’is are subjected to a level of social exclusion and harassment in ... Read more

Iran remains world's worst jailer of journalists

Iran remains world's worstjailer of'journalists - Committee to Protect Jo... http://cpj .org/20 10/05/ , a: ... Read more

Two Iranian filmmakers detained for months

The two filmmakers are still held at Evin. ... Read more

Furloughs lower Iran prison count, but dozens still jailed

Furloughs lower Iran prison count, but dozens still jailed. Committee to P...'2010/04/furloughs•lower•iran•prison•count•but•dozens-still.php a: ... Read more

With 52 journalists in jail, Iran hits new, shameful record

With 52 Journalists inJail, Iran hits rew, shancful record- Conindttee to P.. , lttp:// n 'cfisphp ... Read more

Hundreds Held in Iran after Ashoura protests

Ashoura, a holiday in late December, marked the arrest of many due to their participation in protests against the regime. ... Read more

Memorandum on Freedom of Assembly


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