A New Wave of Arrests in Iran

(February 1, 2018) Reports from Iran indicate that intelligence officials arrested at least five activists today. Behnam Mousivand, Saeed Eqbal, Mahmoud Masoumi, Shima Babaei and Daryoush Zand were arrested in the latest wave of arrests of Iranian activists. These arrests have occurred a month after nation-wide protests in late December and early January and as calls for fresh protests were made on social media.


The Iranian Judiciary: A Complex and Dysfunctional System

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Witness Testimony

Witness Statement of Abbas Maroufi

  Name:  Abbas Maroufi Place of Birth:  Tehran, Iran Date of Birth:  1957 Occupation:  Author and Publisher     Interviewing Organization:   Iran Human Rights Documentation Center (IHRDC) Date of Interview:  August 3, 2015 Interviewer:   IHRDC ... Read more

Legal Commentary

Qisas: A Law for Injustice

In this commentary, IHRDC Legal Advisor Hossein Raeesi analyzes a murder case and the court documents corresponding thereto, which reveal how the legal remedy of qisas [the principle of retaliatory punishment] entrenches blatant, systemic, and structurally-entrenched violations of human rights in Iran. ... Read more