Censorship Procedures in the Islamic Republic of Iran (PDF Guide )

Censorship takes many forms in the Islamic Republic of Iran. From regulations establishing specific censorship procedures to extra-legal measures taken by various government bodies, restrictions on freedom of expression occur in a wide variety of situations. The following charts provide a broad outline of how censorship works in a variety of media.


Restrictions on Freedom of Expression in the Islamic Republic of Iran

  Today IHRDC has released its latest report entitled Restrictions on Freedom of Expression in the Islamic Republic of Iran. In this report IHRDC describes the legal framework ... Read more

Witness Testimony

Video Witness Statement of Popak Akhtari Rad

In this video witness statement, Popak Akhtari Rad, an Iranian author and artist, describes his experiences with censorship in Iran.  Among other examples, Akhtari Rad ... Read more

Legal Commentary

Qisas: A Law for Injustice

In this commentary, IHRDC Legal Advisor Hossein Raeesi analyzes a murder case and the court documents corresponding thereto, which reveal how the legal remedy of qisas [the principle of retaliatory punishment] entrenches blatant, systemic, and structurally-entrenched violations of human rights in Iran. ... Read more